From being accused of orchestrating a homicide to becoming the owner of the most reputable prison van service in Philadelphia, the birthplace of America and the criminal justice reform movement, Crystal knew she had come too far to die from burn out and compassion fatigue. She was a trauma survivor and those are the kind of people who retrace their steps to heal themselves with the hope of healing others. For seven years, she transported women to visit an incarcerated loved one to 13 of the 26 state prisons in Pennsylvania. She too had been inside 7 herself and had even legally married a Lifer in the visiting room of one. What she gleaned from the tales of the women on her van and her very own experience is that women bear the biggest burden on the incarceration journey. This book is her truth and homage to the women, the forgotten soldiers in the war on mass incarceration, who will triumph in learning that trauma isn’t what’s wrong with you, but what’s happened to you and your resilience to endure is the real testament of strength!

Road Trippin': Riding and Rebuilding through Resilience

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